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Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu

The Tohkon Ryu Ju Jitsu system was created to provide my students with a system of self-defence that was effective and related to present-day situations. Tohkon Ryu specialises in:

Effective Self-defence Training

Private, small groups and class training available.
Learn: self-defence skills, personal safety strategies, victim selection and avoidance skills, confrontation management, weapon defences, travel safety and more. More information...

• Security & Law Enforcement

Many police, security and correctional officers use jujitsu classes to refine and upgrade their control and restraint skills, and many of our instructors have had years of direct experience in these industry areas. More information...

• Industry-Specific Courses

Tailor-made courses are conducted for specific industry areas, particularly those interested in violent subject management, for example:
- Health Personnel
- Airline Personnel
- Taxi Drivers and other shift workers
For more information please visit our Corporate Self Defence Education and Training website ...

• Parents and Schools! Help protect your children

Self-defence and jujitsu training at Lang Park and Ipswich Police Youth Clubs are held in a safe, controlled environment. Builds confidence, coordination and sportsmanship, encourages sociability, protects against playground injuries, develops essential self-defence skills, provides defensive tactics to prevent bullying. More information...

• Corporate & Group seminars

Many corporate and group clients are using our three-hour self-defence and confrontational management seminars to equip their staff with useful
defensive skills. Your business or group could benefit from this hands-on information-packed training. For more information please visit our
Corporate Self Defence Education and Training website ...